We are dedicated to providing families with happy and healthy puppies!

Our puppies come pre-spoiled too!! :-)

About Us


New Families

Nothing brings us more joy than being able to witness the joy we bring to other families when they meet their new furry family member!



We care deeply for the health of not only our puppies, but our Moms and Dads too.  Every adult dog is examined by a Veterinarian a minimum of once a year to ensure that they are healthy and sound for breeding.  We also have health screenings done on our dogs prior to joining their new families to ensure that they will not be passing on any know congenital problems.  All of our puppies will have at least 1 Vet check up prior to going to their new families, normally 2-3.  We have a very strict program of veterinarian care that our Vet has developed for us to follow to ensure the health of our dogs.


A Furever Friend

Many people have asked us why we breed.  Our answer is simple...Who does not love a daily dose of puppy cuddles and kisses!